About Richard Gower - Richard GOWER
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ABOUT Richard Gower

Richard Gower studied at Batley College of Art in the 1980’s where he specialised in fine art and sculpture. Over the years he has been developing a unique style with his ‘Reflections’ series and within a relatively short time his paintings have attracted a number of high profile purchasers and demand contimues to grow…

Throughout his career Gower has painted in a variety of styles and will continue to do so.

“My painting has has evolved into ‘Reflections’… but, if you’re a musician why play just rock and roll or just jazz?”

This approach gives you the choice. As a collector, you do not necessarily go for one particular style, medium, or era, but use your taste and judgement to achieve a mélange which reflects your lifestyle and environment.

This site offers an insight into Gower’s eclectic mix from wonderful examples of earlier paintings, through specially commissioned pieces, to the popular Reflections collection.

“Studying the techniques of the Great Masters helped me realise painting is sometimes a deliberate accident. A brush mark, or a colour can make or break a work – and this I know through experience. I also understand that if I want to produce a replica, I have to use the same methods the great artist use. The advantage I have is being able to replicate original works and tailor them to a particular size to suit a space. Usually the copies I am commissioned to produce reflect that of the original in style and size.”